This page provides details and materials to study for the 12th Grade Diploma Exam given by the Diocese of South-West America.  Please review and study the materials to help you prepare for the exam.  The exam consists of true or false, multiple choice, short answers, short essays, prayers and songs used from our liturgy.

12th Grade Lessons (Powerpoint Slides for review)

12th Grade Exam Preparation and Samples

2012 June Sample Exam

2012 May Sample Exam

2012 Model Exam with Answers

2013 12th Grade Exam Syllabus

Review from 8th Grade Exams

Syriac/Greek Vocabulary and Phrases

Prayer Syllabus

Brief History of Malankara Orthodox Church

Sacrament of Chrismation (Holy Myron/Mooron)

The Holy Chrism

The Church Follows Jesus the Evangelist (Missions of the Church)

Differences between Catholic and Orthodox

Jehovah’s Witness

Seventh Day Adventism